1:1 mini Airpod TWS Wireless Bluetooth Wake up siri, switch suspend songs Ear pods For Android apple iPhone huawei

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The latest generation of Airpods. 1:1 size, supporting touch function, calling siri, switching songs to pause songs, Bluetooth automatic matching automatic start, lighting charging, excellent quality, good sound qualityNot original. No animation.We can provide free boxes with English labels.


!!!We have unpacked videos for it, and Bluetooth video for mobile phones. If you need, please contact me!!!

Connect to other devices

Open, the headphone box lid, automatically tumn on the earphone after taking it out, then go to the Bluetooth set of mobile phone and select Airpods connection.

Touch function(awaken siri
When there is an incoming call, tap the position above the right earphone sleeve to answer/end the call, play/pause the music, cotinue to play the next song in 2consecutive times, continue to click the previous song 3 times, and press and hold for 2 seconds to open Siri.
Check the charging state
When the Airpods is in the earphone box, the right earphone lights up in green, the left ear lights up red, and the two headphones green light red flash alternately. If the earphone is not in the box, the indicator light is off.
Check the amount of electricity in the headset
Click on the headphone box switch, and the light flashes 4 times to indicate the remaining 100% electric quantity, 3 times remaining 75%, flash 2 times remaining50%, and flash the remaining 25%.
When the headphone box is charging, the indicator light is red, and the full power indicator is off.
Airpods Compatible with most bluetooth terminal devices
To turn off Bluetooth on Airpods put them in The case and close it 
parameter specification
Bluetooth solution:Jerry
Bluetooth protocol: V5.0
Transmission distance: over 10m without obstacle
Frequency:2.4 GHZ
Talk time: about 4.hours
Listening time: about2 hours
Standby time: about 120 hours.
Functional features
Latest 5.0 bluetooth protocol
Ultra-low power consumption
Support binaural communication
Music is 2 hours long
Hi-fi sound quality
Airpods charging compartment charging and discharging instructions
1. Charging status: Insert charging, the green light flashes slowly at this time, flashing once represents the current power is 0-25%, flashing twice is 25. 50%, flashing threetimes is 50-75%, flashing four times is 75.100 %, full green light is always on.
2, charge the headset; put the headset into the charging compartment, short press the button, the green first flashes, (the number of green light flashes, representing thecurrent charging compartment), then the red and green lights flash alternately,representing the left and right headphones They are all charging, (the left ear is redand the right ear is green). When the left ear is fully charged, the red light will go out,and the right ear will be fil with green light. After 30 seconds, the left and right earcharging bin will enter automatic sleep. Then put back the charging compartment tocharge, you need to press the button again!
3, button description: short press the button to wake up the charging mode, press the button again to turn off the charging, the charging compartment goes to sleep!
4, special instructions: When the charging compartment is not put into the headset, short press the green light to indicate the power, because the charging compartment does not detect the headset, the red and green LEDs are off, andthe charging compartment automatically goes to sleep after 30 seconds. Tocharge the headset for more than 30 seconds, press the button again to chargethe headset. Sleep mode provides extra long standby time for the charging compartment!
Product List:
1: Bilateral Bluetooth Headset (1:1 is the best quality, but not 100% org)
2: Charging bin
3: The charging line is USB
4: Perfect packaging, you can add English logo and plastic packaging.
5: Manual of Use Instructions

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