Red Wine Opener Air Pressure Stainless Steel Pin Type Bottle Pumps Corkscrew Cork Out Tool

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100% brand new and high quality

Air pressure type wine bottle opener use vacuum pressure principle, easy to use and quick to open the wine bottleStainless steel pin can be safe and odorless, stable and durable Notice: cannot be used to open Champagne bottle, please reserve our product away from children.

Item Type: Wine Bottle Opener

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel

Principle: Air Pressure

Bottle Opener Type: Air Pressure Type, Pin Type

Size: 19.5cm/7.7in (L)      5cm/2.0in (φ)

Suitable Occasion: Household 

Package Included: 1* Wine Bottle Opener(without retail box)

【Features】1, the representative of the third-generation bottle opener, using vacuum pressure principle, relying on air pressure to launch cork.2, easy to operate, stylish, design humane.?【Operation method】1, the cutter will be placed 90 degrees at the top of the bottle to the blade stuck bottle rotation, cut foil;2, the bottle opener needle inserted into the bottle from the middle of the cork, with plastic protective cover bottle;3, up and down the activities of air into the bottle, until the cork slide out from the bottle (usually 5-10 bottles of wine to open);4, the use of protective plastic sleeve on the slider, the cork from the gas needle on the exit.

【Precautions】1, do not use this opener to open champagne sparkling wine;2, please place the bottle opener in children can not reach the place, so as not to cause harm to children;3, the bottle of gas injection times 5-7 times, the cork will slowly be the top pressure.4, pressure bottle opener generally only for new wine bottle.

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